Our Charges

Highly Supported
Assessed Supervised

I hour






2 hours






3 hours






All of the above prices are subject to change depending on individual requirements.

Any contact that takes place out of the Torbay area will be charged mileage at 75p per mile.

Assessed Contact

Fully supervised, a report written usually for the Court.

Supervised Contact

Where a court has determined contact needs to be supervised. During these contacts the supervisor will be in the contact room at all times. The supervisor may be required to record the sessions by providing observation notes. Staff supervising for the whole duration of contact.

Supported Contact

Where there is an agreement that the contact parent can look after the child without supervision.

Highly Supported Contact

Staff member present for 50% of contact.


Where the parents use the centre as a pick up and drop off point. The contact parent can leave the centre and return at the set time. Staff to assist with the handover of the child/ren from one parent to the other.

Life Story Work

Where a parent informs their child of life events by producing letters and photographs. Staff can facilitate this.

Letterbox Contact

Where contact may need to be re-introduced or indirect contact has been court ordered. Letters/Cards can be checked and forwarded to the child either by post or in person.

Parenting Assessments/Reports

A detailed assessment designed to identify potential risks to the child. The assessment relies on information gathered from the child, parents, extended family and professionals involved. A court report provides detailed information relating to the contact itself and related issues.

Parenting assessments and life story work and Court reports to be priced to individual requirements. Please contact staff to discuss further. Court attendance is available at £50 per hour. Please be aware that contact must be paid for in advance by PayPal via the website or by cash, cheque or BACS.

We look forward to hearing from you